MSBCA Website

Procedurally, the Board more carefully follows Maryland law governing summary decisions, standing, and timeliness of bid protests, to name a few.  Along the way, the Chairman introduced new procedural guidelines and thus leans the Board in the direction of judicial procedures.

Now, the Board has turned to creating easier access to the Board decisions by updating the Decisions index on its website.  It is long-overdue.  The index now includes all Board decisions separately (including those previously contained in the MICPEL volumes) listed by year. 

The Decisions in each annual grouping are now sortable--by date of decision, by Appellant name, or by Appeal number.  Simply click the heading above each category to sort.  In addition, all of the Decisions are now searchable—search terms can be entered in the search box at the top of the website to search for all cases that include your search terms.  (The smaller search box in the upper right corner of each individual page of the annual groupings will only allow searching of case names within that year.)  Currently, the Board still has a link to all of the "MICPEL Volumes" on the website as before, but that will be eventually removed.

Finally, one of the Board’s goals is to update the format for citing the Decisions that were previously bound by MICPEL, such that the MICPEL citation is no longer needed.  Only the cite to the MSBCA docket number and date will be needed.  The new citation style is effective immediately. 

Nicole Krug