Maryland General Assembly Procurement Bills

The Maryland General Assembly is back in session. There are two procurement bills of interest:

SB No. 4 - Minority Business Enterprises - Program Participation - Requirements and Reauthorization

Clarifying what constitutes good cause for the purposes of removal of a minority business enterprise after commencement of work on a contract; requiring minority business enterprises serving as subcontractors on specified contracts to submit, within 10 days after notice of intent to award a contract, specified documentation to the procurement office... Read more at

SB No. 109 - Procurement - Prohibitions on Participation

Providing that specified prohibitions on participation in procurement apply only for a specified period of time following the issuance of an invitation for bids or a request for proposals; providing that specified prohibitions on participation in procurement do not apply to a subsequent invitation for bids or request for proposals for which the specifications are reused under specified circumstances; etc.


Please click on the following link for further details on all bills:

From Law 360....

Debriefings Don't Lead To More Protests, Agencies Told

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy issued a memo Thursday urging federal agencies to improve the debriefings they give to government contract bidders, saying commonly raised concerns such as debriefings' leading to bid protests are largely incorrect.


Nicole Krug